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DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick

DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick

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The multi benefits of using the DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick help simplify your beauty routine and energize your skin with every application.

Hollie Armstrong, USA


The DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick is such an excellent product with multiple uses. I have extremely dry skin that sometimes one application of my day cream in the morning is not enough. So, I thought I'd give this moisture stick a try. This is like a solid lotion but more moisturizing and soothing than that. I was amazed! It got rid of my dry patches and gave my skin a radiant glow!


Ellie Wells, UK

The DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick leaves my skin supple and hydrated with just the right amount of dewy glow. If you’ve been looking a little stressed, just swipe this on and it will instantly awaken your dull complexion. The best part about this product is it doesn't get your hands all greasy and you can put it on anywhere and any time of the day.


Laura Mitchell, AU


The DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick works better as a primer than the actual makeup primers that I’ve used before. I’ve had textured skin, and this stuff just softens and smoothes it. It's so light yet hydrating and my skin just soaks it up. My makeup looks so much better and lasts longer!


Quick Moisture Boost in a Stick

The DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick is a portable skincare product that you can easily carry around to infuse dry, irritated, or tired skin with the hydration and glow it needs at any given time. Swiping it all over your skin locks in moisture and instantly brightens your complexion, giving it a quick pick-me-up


The DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick comes in a refreshing, non-greasy texture that makes it ideal for any skin type and season. Whether your skin is constantly dry and itchy because of the cold wind or irritated and inflamed from the heat, this multi-purpose balm provides a moisturizing and soothing relief that tackles dry spots, dullness, and sensitivity.

Let the moisture stick glide onto your skin for instant hydration minus the excess shine. It’s even perfect to calm and balance skin that is freaking out due to seasonal changes.

This moisture stick is formulated with water-soluble jojoba oil that deeply nourishes and brings back the radiance to your complexion, while glycerin works by preventing moisture loss and keeping your skin supple, soft, and balanced. Also infused with mint, it provides cooling relief and soothing benefits for irritated, red, or overheated skin. 

The DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick takes multi functionality to the next level as it acts as a setting balm to help makeup stay in place for hours. You can even use it as a highlighter as well as it contains mica, which adds a healthy-looking glow to your complexion. This multi-purpose moisturizer stick also doubles as a lip balm for dry, chapped lips.

Product Features:

  • Provides moisture and radiance to skin on the go
  • Comes in a portable design that’s easy to slip inside the purse and convenient for travel
  • Nourishes and hydrates dry, flaky skin
  • Boost the radiance and luminosity of dull, stressed complexion
  • Cools down and soothes inflamed, overheated or sensitized skin due to summer heat
  • Balances the water-oil level of the skin around your face, neck, and body.
  • Multi-purpose balm can be used as a lip moisturizer, highlighter, and primer
  • Brightens skin tone and even the shadowy under-eye area
  • Mess-free, grease-free application


Me and my fellow editors are obsessed with the DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick! This all-in-one moisture balm tackles dryness and softens skin. The smooth formula easily melts onto skin upon contact and is grease-free. Also containing mica, this stuff adds a subtle, natural-looking shimmer for that instant glow on the go!” -  Maisy Turner, beauty editor


Eloise Price shares her experience with the DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick.

I’ve always been into a minimal beauty routine. So I thought the DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick is just right up my alley and decided to give it a try.


I used the moisture stick as a daytime moisturizer the first time I used it, and it was amazing! The refreshing formula just blended seamlessly into my skin and gave a radiance-boosting, smoothing effect that I felt that I didn’t need to use a primer before makeup. And it worked! My makeup stayed put the whole day and my skin felt hydrated without even a touch up.

I’ve been using this everyday for 3 days, and I just fell in love. This has become my go-to moisturizer and primer, and even used it as a lip balm. This was like 3 products in one and it helped simplify my routine.

Gotta love a multi-purpose product that bridges the gap between skincare and makeup! The  DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick has been the best addition to my everyday routine! I use it as a face and neck moisturizer, primer, lip mask, and even a highlighter and it works every time. The best part is I noticed an improvement on my overall skin texture and appearance. My skin looks extra glowy and smooth, and the cooling sensation and mild fragrance it leaves my skin are just an added bonus. I love it!


How to use:


  1. Moisturizing care before bed
  2. Before and after applying lipstick
  3. Apply on dry skins
  4. Moisturizes elbows and heels
  5. Skin irritation caused by face covering


Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 7 g/ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Main ingredients: Water-soluble Jojoba Oil, Glycerin, Mint, Mica

Package includes:

  • 1 x DEROL™ Moisturizer Mint Stick
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