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BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream

BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream

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The BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream lets you achieve a natural, sun-kissed tan without actually soaking up the sun!

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Chloe Evans, Sacramento, California

This is the best sunless tanner I've tried. When applied with a mitt or hands, the cream goes on perfect and natural looking. It doesn't leave any spots that are darker than others, which is crazy! Very even tan. I love it!

Isla Lawrence, Miami, Florida

I'm glad I bought the BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream. One of the best self tanning creams out there! It lasts a while. I apply maybe once a week, and it looks good on my face and neck. It doesn't creep into creases like some others which made me look older. The color tints the skin evenly.

Lola Wood, Trenton, New Jersey

The BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream is one of the best self-tanning products I've tried. It's easy to use. I can do it at home without any trouble. It goes on bronze. I love the color. There was no awkward, orange finish that looks fake on my super pale skin tone. This lets me wear a summer tan all year long. I love it!


Gone are the days when the only options to get a perfect tan are to spend hours under the sun or inside the tanning beds. Thanks to the latest beauty innovations, having a sun-kissed, bronzed glow can now be achieved sans the harmful UV rays.

BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream - Uniformed Bronze Without the Prolonged Sun Exposure

The BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream's mild, non-greasy formula absorbs fast, leaving a smooth, even, and natural tan without the streaky and blotchy finish. Whether you want to achieve a light brown or a deep bronze shade, the advanced, buildable formula lets you easily control and maintain the color depth and tone.

As the moist, refreshing texture glides and absorbs into the skin, it gives an instant uniform bronze that lets you see exactly how it’s layering on, and then dries with a streak-free, non-orangey finish.

The BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream also contains soothing and nourishing ingredients that hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling baby smooth after it's applied. The buildable, comfortable bronze color covers signs of aging and skin imperfections. The result? A supreme summer glow!

Product Features:

  • Provides a no-mess, healthy way to achieve perfect tan without the prolonged UV exposure
  • Advanced formula is light and buildable, letting you control the layer and how dark you want to go
  • Gives you a uniform bronzed look and radiant skin tone
  • Naturally soothes and nourishes the skin, making it soft, hydrated, and supple
  • Quick to absorb, refreshing, and non-greasy texture feels comfortable on the skin
  • Conceals signs of aging and skin flaws

"What’s great about good self tanner products is that they allow you to get that bronze glow without having to use darker shades of makeup, and of course, stay out of the sun." - Dr. Kally Papantoniou, Melville, New York-based dermatologist


Mina Rowland used the BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream and shared the results after 3 weeks.

I wanted to achieve a golden glow and tanning salons just weren't an option for me, budget-wise. So I tried the BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream to see if it would actually give me the results I want, and it didn't disappoint!

Week 1:

After showering and exfoliating, I applied this self-tanning cream to my hands and spread it all over my face, neck, arms, etc. The cream absorbed quite fast and the color was even. I waited for 3 hours before applying another layer for a deeper tone, and I loved the results!

Week 2:

Tan still looked good and even and there was a subtle glow. No blotchiness. I did reapply two layers to maintain the color.

Week 3:

I'm officially a fan. This covers the entire skin and even the hard to reach areas. It doesn't fade unevenly and there’s no stubborn buildup that makes it hard to reapply. I love the formula. I'm definitely going to buy this again.


How to apply:

  • Apply the BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream to the desired area.
  • Reapply to intensify the shade. The interval between each use should be at least 3 hours.
  • After reaching the desired tan level, reapply 1-2 times a week.

Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 50ml
  • Item Type: Self Tanner & Bronzer
  • Ingredients: Carrot Oil, Virgin Olive Oil,  Theobroma Oil, Walnut Oil

Package includes:

  • 1 x BEAM™ Self Tanning Cream
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